The Ten Commandments of Creativity is a provocative take on the state of creativity world-wide. Dennis Hopper is a creative director, the modern advertising man#s equivalent of Moses. God (Sir Peter Ustinov) gives him the 10 commandments, written on two PC Notebooks. Amongst others the film features interviews with: Bono, Wim Wenders, Jeff Koons, David Bowie, Steven Spielberg, Roman Polanski, Dalai Lama, Nelson Mandela, Sean Penn, Milla Jovovic, Malcolm McLaren, Mel Gibson and many more.

Release Date: available autumn 2003 on video and DVD
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"180 highly entertaining minutes. A kaleidoscope of different opinions carefully crafted together. As a sum, they stand for the contemporary content of biblical inspirations."

"Hermann Vaske has topped his documentary, The A Z of Separating People from their Money, which was awarded a 'Special Honor' by the "Adolf-Grimme-Committee."

"A must see."
"With narrative sequences and anecdotes by numerous celebrities (Spielberg, Polanski, Tarantino...), Grimme Award winner Vaske, parodies the contemporary art of creativity… An entertaining reflection on the media world." TV SPIELFILM

"This monumental three hour film, by award-winning filmmaker Hermann Vaske, is his coupe d'etat."

"An original and colorful film. A must see."